Meeting Wednesdays, 12:15 PM at The Greens of LeRoy

R.E.A. Milne Scholarship Fund, Inc.

The goal of the R.E.A. Milne Scholarship Fund is to help students who reside within the LeRoy Central School District to further their education. Grants are made on a financial need basis. The amount distributed each year is determined by available funds. Currently, each recipient  receives $800 each year for up to four years. Recipients must  re-apply each year to receive the full amount. $3200 per student is our present limit.


REA Milne Scholarship Fund Q & A

Application & Recertification

Watchdog report

R.E.A Milne Scholarship Fund, Inc.

Board of Directors


Samantha Vagg – President

James Ellison – Rotary President

Tim Moag – Treasurer

Tamatha Arneth – Secretary


Sam Vagg

Merritt Holly

Randy Vink

Andrew Rich

Jake Whiting